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12-Day Body Shaping Miracle
by Michael Thurmond
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2007 (2007)

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* *   Reviewed by Belle Dessler

It's rare to find a diet and fitness book which recognizes that cookie cutter advice and standard workout regiments aren't ideal for everyone. People are different, with body types and lifestyle habits that may require alternate approaches to achieving an optimal level of fitness. In 12-Day Body Shaping Miracle, Thrumond not only acknowledges this fact but embraces it, setting out to prove that everyone can get fit quickly by working smarter rather than harder.

How quickly? Thurmond promises this in his Introduction: 'Let's just say that if you play your cards right, there could be 5 to 12 pounds less of you in 12 days, with a whole new shape emerging to boot.' Sound too good to be true? It isn't, Thurmond asserts. 'The 12-Day Body Shaping Miracle is a program of special exercise techniques, coupled with diet, that is designed to alter your body shape so that it gets closer to that ideal of feminine attractiveness: slim waist, streamlined hips and thighs, firm butt and a lifted bustline.'

The book is divided into two major sections. In the first, Thurmond sets out to familiarize readers with the plan, and with their own bodies. He guides us as we assess our fitness levels and evaluate our lifestyle habits. Through it all, Thurmond offers myth-busting advice and guidance that will 'make this program more effective, more fun and even easier'. Advice such as developing visualization skills, coming up with personal statements (or mantras) and setting mini-goals are just some of the words of wisdom Thurmond offers. In other books, although many such tidbits of advice are well-intentioned, they run the risk of sounding trite. Not so here. It's clear Thurmond knows his work and his clientele. Every mind-body skill is meant to motivate, and it does just that.

In the second section, Thurmond introduces us to the exercise techniques that will be the fundamental principles of the plan for the next 12 days. As you'd expect, these are workout moves designed to sculpt and shape particular groups of muscles. But exercise alone won't get us to our goals, so Thurmond also adds detailed nutrition plans for each body type. At the end of the book, appendices provide Workout and Diet Customizations for Special Medical Conditions, as well as Additional Resources for readers interested in learning more about food and nutrition Information, resistance training, etc..

12-Day Body Shaping Miracle is an ideal introduction to a healthy lifestyle for anyone wondering where to begin. After the 12 days are up, those who have followed the plan to Thurmond's specifications will have a solid foundation to continue making healthy choices for years to come.

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