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Two Alone    by Sandra Brown order for
Two Alone
by Sandra Brown
Order:  USA  Can
Mira, 2007 (1995)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Beautiful Rusty Carlson has spent time at a hunting and fishing lodge on Great Bear Lake in the North West Territories with her Father. Even though she is not the outdoors type she is always trying to please him and live up to his expectations of her. She is a very self confident and successful real estate agent, but her controlling Father can make her feel like a child at times. After the death of her only brother, she feels like a substitute for him where her Father is concerned.

After saying goodbye to her Father and boarding the small plane to fly back to LA she finds she is the only woman on board. She gazes around and makes eye contact with a very handsome, rugged stranger who quickly looks away. Attracted to him immediately, she feels she has just been snubbed. Vietnam vet Cooper Landry is also attracted to Rusty. After observing her kissing an older gentleman goodbye, and from the expensive clothes she is wearing, he assumes she is materialistic. He has encountered his share of her kind and has the broken heart to prove it.

Shortly after takeoff, a storm comes up and they are caught in high winds, torrential rains and fog. Soon the plane is in a downward spiral, the passengers praying for their safety. Waking up after the crash, Rusty looks around at the devastation and wonders why she is the only one alive. How will she survive here on her own? But before long she hears movement and realizes the rugged loner also survived the crash. Once on his feet, Cooper quickly gets into survival mode and begins to organize their departure from the crash site. He has to give medical aid to Rusty when she realizes she has cut her leg and now cannot walk on her own.

Throughout their two week ordeal in the wilderness there is a constant clash of temperaments and tension between them. They have to deal with the elements of nature, as well as a father and son who befriend them and provide food and shelter, but with ulterior motives. After fighting for their lives, they are drawn closer together. Soon afterwards, they are rescued and head back to their separate lives. How can they pick up the pieces and go on as if they never endured this tragedy?

Once again Sandra Brown has brought romance and intrigue into the lives of her readers. We look forward to more from her with anticipation, wondering where she will lead us next time.

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