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Hashi: The Bridges Puzzle    by Alastair Chisholm order for
by Alastair Chisholm
Order:  USA  Can
Walker, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I've long been addicted to Sudoku, and also tried and enjoyed Kakuro. Now I've discovered Hashi (short for Hashiwokakero, Japanese for build bridges), which I find just as challenging and lots of fun!

It's all about connection, building bridges vertically and horizontally between nodes - never more than two, never crossing one another, and always building the number of bridges indicated from each node. Each puzzle has only one solution and the book's 202 mindbogglers range from Delicious to Pernicious, Malicious, and Vicious. Fortunately, the author includes tips at the beginning on how to get going. And all the solutions are given at the back of the book.

The front cover calls them 'fiendishly addictive LOGIC PUZZLES, easy to pick up and almost impossible to put down'. I warn you that - if you enjoy this sort of mindbender - these words are only too true. Pick up Hashi, but be prepared to be busy for a while.

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