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The Yanti: An Alosha Novel    by Christopher Pike order for
by Christopher Pike
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

The Yanti follows Alosha and The Shaktra in a fantasy series, starring young Alison Warner. Though aimed at young adults, this series will also be enjoyed by adult fantasy fans. In the first book, our young heroine underwent a series of trials, grew in power, and gained as allies (in addition to her friends Cindy and Steve) Paddy the leprechaun and Farble the troll. In the second episode, she ventured into the elemental kingdom, where she won to her side a shaman in training named Ra and Drash (a dragon), discovered her mother's fate, and learned the identity of her enemy, the Shaktra.

Now, thirteen-year old Ali, fairy queen reborn as human, has superpowers - her strength is formidable, she can fly, shield herself from most attacks, erase human memories, and rupture foes around her with a clap of her hands - but her enemy is even stronger. Sheri Smith, whose outer glamour hides a body hideously scarred by fire, sets the authorities on Ali and on Cindy (who accused her of their friend's murder), while they in turn hide from Sheri her seemingly autistic daughter Nira. Then Sheri reveals her genocidal plans to Ali.

As events steadily get more complicated, Ali finally tells all to her human father - who is not as surprised as she anticipates - before heading back to the elemental kingdom. There she faces the king of the dragons, learns first hand the pain the Shaktra felt, and reunites with Ra, Paddy, Farble, and Drash once more. They travel to the Isle of Gresh to find out what set their enemy on such a destructive course. There, our young heroine finds out that puppet masters (the Entity) have manipulated events, and is able to make contact with her mentor Nemi once more.

Though Ali, her alter ego and allies, gradually put together the puzzle of how the worlds have reached this deadly crisis, they still have to stop Armageddon, not an easy task, especially with a traitor in their midst. Though they thwart the Shaktra's cataclysmic objectives for now, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, Ali's location and fate unknown, leaving readers anxious for more in the next book, Nemi, where this ever more powerful heroine will no doubt face even more powerful foes.

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