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Ominous Death
by Annette Mahon
Order:  USA  Can
Five Star, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Quilter and senior citizen Maggie Brown has a new mystery to solve. Her friend Candy is recuperating in the Palo Verde Care Center after a car accident that broke both her legs. It's an especially nice convalescent center. The premises are clean, with pleasant rooms and a beautiful garden to sit in, but Candy can't wait to get out of there. She is convinced that at night an Angel of Death lurks just on the other side of her door.

When she confides her worries to her friends from the St. Rose Quilting Bee they are sympathetic, but not very helpful. It's not unheard of that patients die at the care center for seniors. They are older and often in poor health. An Angel of Death is hard to believe anywhere - and at the Palo Verde Care Center with its reputation for excellence, it is easier to believe that Candy's pain killers are making her paranoid.

Maggie and the other bee members visit daily in an attempt to cheer up their friend. They take her quilting squares to work on while she's there. It almost works. Candy is grateful to have something to do with her hands and begins a quilt for her unborn grandchild, but she won't give up on the idea that a killer is stalking the patients.

This is the second book in a series. Set in Scottsdale, Arizona, this mystery is sure to satisfy any lover of cozies. The puzzle is as well designed as a quilt and the characters are likable and fun. Mahon also includes instructions on how to make a nine square block.

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