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Monkey Portraits    by Jill Greenberg order for
Monkey Portraits
by Jill Greenberg
Order:  USA  Can
Bulfinch, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

Though the subject is unusual, this coffee table book featuring monkeys and apes - put together by photographer Jill Greenberg - is appealing. All of the monkeys and apes photographed are celebrities, having had roles in movies or television, and a roster with all their real names, credits and other identifying facts is placed at the end of the book.

The humanity of these animals shows through in these color portraits, complete with their soulful expressions, rolling eyeballs, and furrowed eyebrows. The resemblance to their human counterparts is astonishing. Greenberg expertly captures the full range of emotions and moods exhibited by these endearing primates.

A caption change here or there would have made the book even more enjoyable. The monkey's expressions in some of the pictures are so funny, deserving more amusing captions than the one word, Grrr! or Zombie. For example, the monkey on the cover looks extremely guilty of something, but the caption reads simply, Worried. Nonetheless, Greenberg is a talented photographer and her pictures speak for themselves.

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