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The Incredible Shrinking Critic    by Jami Bernard order for
Incredible Shrinking Critic
by Jami Bernard
Order:  USA  Can
Penguin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Award-winning film critic Jami Bernard didn't start out life deciding 'Hey, when I grow up, I want to be fat.' That, however, is what happened. One fateful, unforgettable day, she stepped on a scale and watched as it registered 230 pounds! Call that number a wake up call? Call it what you will. She embarked on a year and then some journey to lose weight and gain her life back.

That her decision was successful is proven by the cover of The Incredible Shrinking Critic, which shows Jami in all her lost-pounds-glory. It can be done. She proves it. And not by weird fad diets, diet pills, wraps and the myriad other ways weight loss is touted.

Jami set herself a goal she would lose a pound a week. Not much, you say? Well, do the math. That adds up to 52 pounds a year! Not bad. She did just that. How? Well, the main focus was avoiding foods high in fat, starch and sugar. Or to eat them seldom and in moderation. Her exercise played a big part. Reduced food intake is vital, but exercise is a must also. She, who hated to get up early in the morning, began working out in a gym with a friend. It got so that she found she not only had less trouble getting out of her snug and cozy bed, but she looked forward to it. She, who never ran anywhere, entered a marathon.

Her book of success is a revelation and should act as a guide for all of us fatties myself included. Could you throw out all the clothes in your closet that didn't fit you at this moment? Jami did. And found it liberating. The same with her cupboards and freezer. She relinquished all the things that had a hold on her. She started off fresh and can now wear designer shoes instead of the fat lady shoes that a friend told her to never wear again.

Tips, suggestions and a great sense of humor abound in this must have book for the inveterate dieter in each of us. Bernard's basic theory is that you must begin to eat sensibly. It will soon become habit. Habit that will see you through the rest of your slim life.

I can't begin to cite all the wonderful advice Jami included in The Incredible Shrinking Critic. There's not enough space for that. Besides, why read it twice? Surely you are going to get a copy of your own. Sit back, be prepared to laugh out loud and then embark on a new lifestyle that will change your life.

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