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Mayan Equinox    by Keith Jones order for
Mayan Equinox
by Keith Jones
Order:  USA  Can
Salvo Press, 2006 (2006)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Keith Jones has added author to his list of life accomplishments. Mayan Equinox is his first entry into the world of writing. According to the Mayan calendar, time will end on December 27, 2012 unless an idol is found to prevent it. To find the idol, two sacrifices are required ... human sacrifices! It appears the first has already been made when a young woman's body is discovered at a ruined Mayan temple - her heart cut from her body. Two college professors know of the 2012 prediction, and hear of the first death. To prevent a second, they travel to Mexico and work to discover the idol before the murderer can carry out his plan.

The fact that Mayan Equinox is a first novel is evident. The writing lacks the sang-froid of veteran writers, but shows promise. The research is awesome, although the story became a little too technical for me at times. The action seems to lumber along, and chapters that should have been concurrent but were not confused me. The characters are clear cut and finely tuned - wholly believable. The plot is an imaginative block buster. Although I was surprised to find as the novel progressed that the professors were comparatively young men (having read them as older), I hope they come back again.

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