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I Can't Do it All: Breaking Free from the Lies That Control Us    by Tracie Peterson, Allison Bottke & Dianne O’Brian order for
I Can't Do it All
by Tracie Peterson
Order:  USA  Can
Bethany, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Women are constantly barraged with messages from the media and society. We must be thin, love must be a certain way or it's not true love, we need certain things (a husband, child, career) to be fulfilled, and happiness is everything. I Can't Do it All discusses these and other false messages, to help women break free from the idea that life should be a certain way or something must be wrong. The authors have joined forces to address these issues and provide truth from the Bible to counteract wrong beliefs.

Other falsehoods include: 'I deserve to have it all ... right now' - feelings of entitlement can lead to debt; 'I can do it all' - the notion that we can do everything and sacrifice nothing in the process; 'I can make my own truth' - if we have an empty place in our soul, we tend to make up our own truth to suit our desires; 'The more I do, the more God likes me' - thinking that God's love and grace is based on something we do. Each chapter addresses one lie and counteracts it with truth from the Scriptures. The authors give personal examples, which make the concepts believable and approachable. At the end of each chapter are personal application questions and journaling prompts that will help readers to dig in and apply the ideas to their own lives.

I Can't Do it All is a powerful book, filled with teaching that women will understand and relate to. The authors don't pull any punches or sugar coat their thoughts, and everything is directly from the Bible and analyzed using the Scriptures. If you are feeling bound by society's view of how life should be, the book will help to point you in the right direction toward God's ideal for your life.

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