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Saucepans & the Single Girl: Bachelor-bait Recipes and Dazzling Ideas for Entertaining    by Jinx Morgan & Judy Perry order for
Saucepans & the Single Girl
by Jinx Morgan
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The dedication in the front of this delightful cookbook reads: 'To the cadre of single young women who've braved big cities, small apartments, big dreams and small salaries. / And to the men, young and old, who've succumbed to their culinary and winsome wiles. Bless 'em all.'

Saucepans & the Single Girl, originally published in 1965, has been updated to reflect today's accessible kitchen equipment and ingredients. Though the fact of young women starting out on their own with small salaries has not changed, what is now available to stock their kitchens has.

There is a list of 'dull little items' to stock your pantry that the authors feel you won't be able to live without. Of course, herbs are a must. (They note that MSG was in their original cookbook but is no longer accepted.) Many tips are explored and should be read and used. They move on to serving meals using what furniture you have, advising not to run out to buy that table that won't really fit in your space anyway. How about an ironing board with a pretty tablecloth?

Commonplace Cuisine presents those dishes that would suit you and the casual drop-in - such as Humbleburger Soup or Something's Fishy, and Brave Old Bread. They suggest Foods Fit for ... possibly a man in a Brooks Brothers Suit or a Man's Man. What on earth would you serve a Man with a Million? How about Opulent Chicken, Wild Rice, Green Salad, Abie's Irish Coffee, Dates and Nuts, served with a Chablis or Grey Riesling?

The list goes on and on for various types of beautiful meals, along with humorous asides mentioning ingredients that were in the first cookbook and are no longer available or are considered passť. Drinks, a vital ingredient to the elegant meal, are also suggested. This is a very cleverly written and useful cookbook for anyone, not just the new girl on the social scene. I wish I had had it when I was younger, but will be satisfied to own it right now.

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