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Use This Book!: The Only Book You'll Ever Need!    by Melissa Heckscher order for
Use This Book!
by Melissa Heckscher
Order:  USA  Can
Quirk, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Use This Book!: The Only Book You'll Ever Need is called the Swiss army knife of books for good reason. It is practical, convenient, handy and fun, and can be used in emergency situations or just for entertainment.

It is similar to a scrapbook, in that you can make notes in it, cut it up, be creative with it, or make lists that help organize your life. It is filled with valuable information, including: how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on an adult or child; CPR tips; how to convert measurements; country area codes; making classic cocktails; simple language cue cards to guide travels; cut-outs of to-do lists, and certificates; instructions on how to type; and much more.

Find what you need to know in a jiffy. Know how to treat wounds and snake bites, or find water in the desert? Carry Use This Book! wherever you go, keep it handy and you'll be fine. It has fun cut-out games - from chess to X's and 0's - that can entertain you during a long flight, train travel, or at home with kids. Share the book with teens, to prepare them for emergencies, or enjoy learning to read palms together. There is so much information within these pages - both important knowledge and basic fun for all ages.

Use This Book! can help keep your family safe with valuable tips on recognising poisonous plants and first aid. It offers quick easy guides and places many useful tools at your finger tips. It makes a wonderful gift, and is sure to start stimulating conversations among friends and family.

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