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The Deep Blue Alibi: A Solomon vs. Lord Novel    by Paul Levine order for
Deep Blue Alibi
by Paul Levine
Order:  USA  Can
Bantam, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Deep Blue Alibi is the second of a hot new series by Paul Levine Solomon vs. Lord being the first. Attorneys Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord, while forming a law partnership, develop a romantic relationship as well - they find it difficult to maintain both when each wants to be first chair on every case.

An old family friend of Victoria's is accused of murder. Two men on a boat: one killed by a fishing spear, the other knocked out cold. Driverless boat runs aground. Police arrest the survivor. It's up to Victoria and Steve to defend him. As we all know, nothing is that simple. There are many people involved - interesting people who provide the plot with some great lines.

Steve, a great fan of Jimmy Buffet, ties Buffet's music into his life throughout this new and fresh mystery. Steve's father was disbarred from the bench years ago and is a beach bum of the highest caliber. Steve's nephew, Bobby, a precocious twelve-year old, is a bit of a savant and does Steve's research on the net for him. The ability to quickly construct anagrams of proper names is only one of his quirky talents.

Victoria's father committed suicide many years before. Her mother, called Queen, flits around the world on rich men's arms, spending their money freely. Stir all these people together, add a sprinkling of other odd folk who add spice to the mix, and you get a refreshingly delightful mystery. The scene at the nude club alone is worth the price of the book.

Incorporating a battle between big business and defenders of the Florida coast ecology always proves a winner. Makes one stop and think about what we are doing to ourselves in pursuit of the big buck. The Deep Blue Alibi is not to be missed. And while you're at it, treat yourself to the first in the series.

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