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No Peace for the Wicked    by Pip Granger order for
No Peace for the Wicked
by Pip Granger
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

If you have not read any of Pip Granger's three books, where have you been? Get with it! If you are already a fan of hers, pick up a copy of No Peace for the Wicked, sit back and indulge yourself with this fourth entry in the Lizzy Robbins series.

Lizzy lives alone in her flat in Soho, London in the 1950s, after the desertion of her husband and the death of her daughter. She has accumulated a group of caring though slightly off-kilter close friends, who have helped her through a tough transition period. There's Sugar, a barman, who likes to wear the occasional wig, mascara and stiletto heels. There are her employers, Freddie and Antony, in the costume trade, who like each other and make no bones about it. And there's Bandy, a tough, mud-in-your-eye kind of woman, who owns a bar and a wicked tongue.

Love interest? That would be T.C., who holds a fond place in his heart for Cassie, the mother of his illegitimate daughter Rosie. Lizzie wishes it were herself lodged in that place in his heart. Mystery? Sure. Bandy's Anglo-Asian niece Peace briefly walks into their lives and then disappears. A Chinese Triad is suspected of kidnapping her. Can she be rescued by Lizzy and her determined group?

I must mention something for anyone who has lost a child as I have. And as I believe, the author has. There are wonderful words of insightful and sensitive wisdom to be found in No Peace for the Wicked. In fact, there are a lot of lovely words of wisdom about a lot of things woven into this delightfully written book.

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