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Kodokan Throwing Techniques    by Toshiro Daigo order for
Kodokan Throwing Techniques
by Toshiro Daigo
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Kodansha International, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by John Kalaidopoulos

Judo has been one of the most popular and mainstream of all martial arts. It is practiced worldwide by millions and has the unique distinction of being an official Olympic event. It has grown tremendously in popularity and owes its Olympics status in part to its unified organization, the Kodokan. The founder, Gigoro Kano would be impressed to see the constant evolution of Judo to where it is now.

Judo has managed through the years to classify and categorize its techniques and their variations. Toshiro Daigo, the author and head instuctor at the Kodokan has revised the throwing techniques and put them together into his book for every judoka (one who practices judo). The result is a reference to the various throwing techniques and terminology, so that everyone practising Kodakan judo can train to the same standard. Daigo's book involves a revision of existing techniques that were re-classified, as well as some changes that were made by the Kodokan. In his Introduction, Daigo says that the purpose of his book is 'to provide the correct understanding of classification and waza (technique) terminology for the rich and ever-changing nage-waza' (throwing techniques). He gives a brief description of how and why the revisions came about, then wastes no time and goes right into the techniques.

The book is very comprehensive with hundreds of clear photographs of the throws, as well as concise step-by-step explanations. Its author was judo champion of Japan in 1951, 1952 and 1954, and earned the rank of Kodokan 9th dan in 1992. Kodokan Throwing Techniques, translated from the Japanese by Francoise White, is a great source and reference for experienced judoka and easy enough to follow even for beginners.

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