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Final Labyrinth
by Lance Rucker
Order:  USA  Can
Lochenlode, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Information agent Brandon Drake returns in the thriller Final Labyrinth, which is Lance Rucker's third novel featuring Drake. Intimate Affair and No Secrets are just as exciting. A bit slow at times, but Rucker is worth the read.

Drake meets Sarah Sanderson on a cruise liner while each is sailing to Crete for different purposes; he to find a man who disappeared with investors' money, she to help dig at an archeological site (the leader of the dig turns out to be an unsavory womanizer who takes advantage of his young apprentices). Both Drake and Sarah feel they are being watched. Drake sees his follower pitch into the water during high seas. One thing leads to another as the excitement and suspense mount.

Rucker's take on Crete and the ancient site of Knosses brings that island and that treasure to life. I have been to Crete for a very short one-day visit but the author's descriptions make me sorry for what I missed. Especially the islanders, who seem a special breed. There is one theme involving a white bull that is a very real stretch of the imagination. This author has a vivid one.

Rucker keeps his readers on the edges of their seats with action that never seems to quit, all the while, allowing Drake's ready wit to get off some great one-liners.

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