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Forza: The Samurai Sword Workout    by Ilaria Montagnani & Bill Morris order for
by Ilaria Montagnani
Order:  USA  Can
Ulysses Press, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

In Forza: The Samurai Sword Workout, we are introduced to the art of swordfighting. Forza means strength in Italian, the native language of the author/instructor. ILaria Montagnani is a black belt in Karate and founder of Powerstrike Inc.. She has created
a set of exercises and movements designed for beginner sword fighters. Forza is a great addition to a martial art discipline or to an everyday workout regimen.

Read an informative history of the samurai, and the meaning of the sword and its usage, before beginning the workout. It emphasizes the power, discipline and skill needed to master the art of the sword. A sword is not needed (and is not recommended!) for practice - a simple wooden stick about three feet long will suffice. Even a broom stick will do. Bill Morris's clear yet powerful photographs of each movement make the exercises simple to follow and understand, so that readers can literally teach themselves the art of swordfighting. Following the movements in this book is like having the guidance of a personal coach. Try them one by one, or follow the routine and get an overall body workout unlike any other - with practice, a reader will start feeling like a samurai warrior.

This is a wonderful book for women, and for those martial art enthusiasts wanting to bring their skill level up a notch. From the stances, to the strengthening moves you will delight in trying out this skill. A moving meditation in its own right, Forza will give you a 'high-intensity, kick butt and get buff' workout unlike any other.

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