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Self Incrimination
by Randy Singer
Order:  USA  Can
WaterBrook Press, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

When rookie criminal defense attorney Leslie Conners is assigned the case of Tara Bannister, she expects it to be open-and-shut. Tara's claims of shooting her abusive stepfather in self-defense are convincing and seem corroborated by her injuries. However, things aren't what they appear on the surface. Though the prosecutor has physical evidence that shows Tara is lying about aspects of her story, Leslie is determined to win Tara's acquittal. Leslie is engaged to her law partner, Brad Carson, and the two are busy defending cases and planning their wedding. When Leslie is diagnosed with a life-threatening heart disorder, she doesn't tell Brad about her condition, not wanting to add further stress to his life.

Fans of legal thrillers and intense mysteries will love Self Incrimination, a thinking-person's story. Though at times the plot becomes so convoluted in people and situations that one almost needs a diagram to keep it all straight, this only adds to the intrigue and doesn't detract from the enjoyment of an action-packed ride. Leslie is a fascinating main character. Her intentions are good, even with her lack of trial experience. When she discovers her health problem, she becomes more human and accessible to the reader. Her faith journey is incredibly realistic and intense. Readers will fully understand Leslie's arguments against Christian faith, and her struggles to prove the existence of God using legal methods provides much food for thought.

Randy Singer's writing style reminded me of John Grisham. The Christian message adds an additional dimension to the story. Brad and Leslie are likable attorneys at a time when lawyers can use a little good press. Tara's case is interesting and delves into the dilemmas about abuse and self protection against an abuser. How far is too far? Self Incrimination is an engrossing tale that will have you reading late into the night.

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