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Girls Dinner Club
by Jessie Elliot
Order:  USA  Can
HarperCollins, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Tarah Schaeffer

The cover calls Girls Dinner Club 'A story of laughter, heartbreak, and dessert'. One night, three girls, who are friends, decide to make dinner together. This chance meal turns into a tradition. Every Friday night they get together, sometimes with guests, but there is always great food.

Each of the three is going through different problems that they discuss during these meetings. Junie just broke up with her boyfriend. He just stopped talking to her, and she is really hurt by it. Celia's dad Max, who has been single for fourteen years, has a new girlfriend whom Celia can't stand. Danielle just got back together with an old boyfriend, who is a serial cheater - he's a sweet talker but not very smart about his affairs. Other situations that they come up against include new guys and trouble with relatives ... and that's just the beginning.

There was one aspect of the book I was uncomfortable with. It is aimed at seventh grade and up. When I read, I think about whether I would recommend a book to one of my younger sisters, but I consider this one's sexual storylines too strong for younger teens. Aside from that concern, Girls Dinner Club is an enjoyable read, which tells timeless tales.

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