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Cast of Shadows    by Kevin Guilfoile order for
Cast of Shadows
by Kevin Guilfoile
Order:  USA  Can
Knopf, 2005 (2005)
Hardcover, Audio, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Dr. Davis Moore is a well-known fertility doctor from Chicago who specializes in reproductive cloning, a relatively new practice that's become a boon for childless couples. The procedure remains closely regulated; one of the stipulations is that only DNA from a deceased person may be used since it wouldn't do to have the donor accidentally encounter a spitting image of his or her self while walking down the street. There are also those who decry legalized cloning as an insult to God and all that is natural. Doctors and support staff working at the clinics have become targets of religious zealots, and many have died. Moore himself is gunned down, but survives the attack.

Just when things are getting back to normal for Dr. Moore, his daughter, Anna Kat, is brutally raped and murdered. Months of investigation shed little light on the case, which remains unsolved. When Moore asks for his daughter's belongings, he finds a vial containing a suspect's DNA. Still plagued by unbearable grief and fury over the loss of his only child, Moore hatches a diabolical plan that could see him imprisoned if it's ever discovered. But at that moment, he doesn't care - all he wants is the chance to look into the face of Ana Kat's killer. If he has to wait twenty years to do so, he wants to see the man brought to justice. One year later, Justin Finn is born. For the time being, he is bathed in innocence and love. But as the years pass, and Justin begins to question life and his own existence, Moore wonders if he truly has resurrected the soul of a killer.

First time author Kevin Guilfoile has taken a timely theme and created a thought-provoking and thoroughly chilling look at one possible future in cloning technology. The reader is invited into the lives of a large cast of complex characters who all play a role in the final and very shocking outcome of this marvelously original and disquieting thriller. Cast of Shadows will keep you guessing and make you think, and it will haunt you for some time -- Kevin Guilfoile is a talented new author to watch.

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