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Caterpillar Kisses: Lessons My Kindergarten Class Taught Me About Life    by Christine Pisera Naman order for
Caterpillar Kisses
by Christine Pisera Naman
Order:  USA  Can
Doubleday, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In Caterpillar Kisses, Christine Pisera Naman shares twelve lessons she learned in kindergarten, one for each month of the year; lessons that her five-year-old students taught her, as these wiggling, wriggling little caterpillars gradually morphed into 'baby butterflies', to fly off into grade one.

These vignettes about kindergarten life and times include the transformation of an excess of teacher's apples into 'Apple Pie Friday'; a little boy who chooses an unusual figure to emulate for Halloween (the nuns disapprove); a reading circle that moves to enclose and include a shy child; a Christmas pageant; dealing with death; a literal interpretation of 'Marching in the Other Guy's Shoes'; and a reluctant dad who wins enthusiastic fans, including his own son, on a school outing.

Naman sums up the kindergarten experience for a future student, 'First you'll color an apple, then you'll paste a turkey, next you'll glitter a Christmas tree, after that you'll draw a snowflake, then you'll cut a heart, after that you'll trace a shamrock, then you'll paint raindrops, next you'll glue flowers, and then you'll write good-bye.' Whether you're a parent or an educator, Caterpillar Kisses will remind you how engagingly innocent those small wrigglers are.

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