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The Canada Chronicles    by Matt Jackson order for
Canada Chronicles
by Matt Jackson
Order:  USA  Can
Summit Studios, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

This beautiful and colourful book (both visual and thought-provoking) evokes a time when the world was full of adventure and one hardly, if ever, thought of all the things that could go wrong.

Photographer and writer Matt Jackson was once a staid business student, eyes fixed firmly on a sensible (and hopefully lucrative) career. While working in Lake Louise, Alberta, in the picturesque Rockies, he came to a life-changing decision: life held more than a future in business. He quit his job and headed for the open road. Matt Jackson's new goal in life was to hitchhike across Canada.

It took considerably longer than the few months he had first envisioned; and along the way, he embraced a new career as photojournalist. The Canada Chronicles contains a treasure trove of fabulous photographs, in stunning colours and presenting some unimagined vistas (at least by me). Jackson is also a lively writer, and his anecdotes range from amusing to poignant.

I always knew this country is beautiful. I always hoped and believed that people in general are good. But what is perhaps the most striking revelation to me is that Matthew Jackson proved the latter belief to be true. In all his travels and it took him years rather than months while placing himself in situations that some would call foolhardy and dangerous, he met kindness and generosity. He has also achieved success in his new field, contributing regularly to several prestigious magazines.

The Canada Chronicles is a wonderful book to sit down with spend a few hours, a day, several days wondering at the beauty of this country and the goodness of people. What joyous discoveries!

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