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Back for Seconds: The Well-Fed Writer    by Peter Bowerman order for
Back for Seconds
by Peter Bowerman
Order:  USA  Can
Fanove, 2004 (2004)

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This is a companion volume to The Well-Fed Writer, which explained in detail how free-lancers can become well-fed commercial writers (Appendix A of this new volume summarizes the first book). Back for Seconds offers 'A Second Helping Of "How-To" For Any Writer Dreaming of Great Bucks and Exceptional Quality of Life'.

The book opens on a 'Bogeyman' subject - self-marketing, which Bowerman describes as 'letting prospective clients know you're out there - on a consistent basis, in a variety of ways and with a message they can hear through the clutter.' He shrinks the bogeyman down to a manageable size, quoting a variety of freelancers who share their methods. Next, he takes us 'Into the Mind of the Marketer' advising: know your audience; explain benefits and show how features deliver them; and point out what makes your skill-set special and relevant. Your own website is a must (details are given on what to cover and what not to include), to 'showcase your samples' in a professional manner (a list of commercial writers' site url's are provided as good examples).

In 'Let Me Clarify', Bowerman tackles questions such as how well you need to be able to write; how to create a portfolio; how hard it really is to break into freelancing; whether commercial writing is a 'sell-out'; and how to set fees. He addresses the value of cold calling (it's not telemarketing!) and networking, and again shrivels the bogeymen down to an unintimidating size. He advises how to keep in touch with your market, using direct mail, e-mail (the 'ABCs of E-mail Marketing') and fax. Bowerman introduces 'Off the Beaten Path' markets - like Not-For-Profits, untapped corporate departments, universities etc.. He explains how to make the writing dream a reality, full-time or part-time; the benefits of starting a 'Writer's Group'; and why freelancing is viable even in a gloomy economy. He offers excellent writing tips.

Bowerman tells us 'You build self-esteem by stretching yourself, by reaching beyond what's comfortable, by taking chances and ultimately succeeding at something. And then doing that over and over again ... rising up on the backs of your slain dragons.' If you're in the writing business, get hold of a copy of The Well-Fed Writer: Back for Seconds. This excellent resource is a mix of encouraging anecdotes, common-sense advice, insider information and comprehensive tips, written clearly and as if author is in the same room, explaining one-on-one how to slay your dragons.

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