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Every Boy's Got One    by Meg Cabot order for
Every Boy's Got One
by Meg Cabot
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2005 (2005)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Melissa Parcel

Jane Harris begins a travel journal to record the elopement of her friends Holly and Mark. The three of them, plus Mark's best man Cal, are traveling to Italy for the big event. Since Holly is Catholic and Mark is Jewish, their parents are lukewarm about the relationship and would not be thrilled about a marriage.

Jane's journal quickly becomes personal, including intimate details of her life, particularly her feelings of irritation with Cal. In Jane's opinion, travel writer Cal is a 'modelizer' - someone who serially dates beautiful but unintelligent models. He's rude and, from their first meeting, makes it clear that he's completely against marriage. Jane hopes to have the whole hearts-and-flowers relationship some day. Can the two find common ground for long enough to help their friends tie the knot?

This is the third book in Meg Cabot's Boy series, written in epistolary format (letters, e-mail, instant messages, journal entries). The overall plot and characters are funny, sweet and intriguing. The story of an elopement to Italy is based on the author's own experience (she clarifies in a note which incidents really happened to her). But though I generally enjoy epistolary novels, this one goes too far. Long conversations are written down word for word, and sometimes it's mentioned that the characters are writing while talking to each other, as in Jane's diary: 'Cal: "Jane. Quit writing in that book and listen to me."' This is too unbelievable and pulled me out of the story many times.

That said, I enjoyed the book, especially when the characters are in the same car, e-mailing each other - which reminded me of passing notes in class. If you're looking for light-hearted fun from an author who never fails in originality, you'll enjoy Every Boy's Got One.

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