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Shadow of the Great Owl: The Comancheria #2    by B Ray Mize order for
Shadow of the Great Owl
by B Ray Mize
Order:  USA  Can
Turnkey, 2004 (2004)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Shadow of the Great Owl is the second in the author's Comancheria series. In it, very powerful men are manipulating the financial world to ostensibly help save the environment but in reality line their own pockets. When thwarted, they turn really nasty and dead bodies litter the ground.

Since I had not read the first book, I found it difficult to keep the characters straight. Their roles were not re-defined in the sequel and seemed very much out of character with the little I knew of these two women who rough up some very tough men. The proofreader could have used a finer tooth-comb. There are many typos (e.g. it's disconcerting to read lair for liar). Though the story concept is good, the various locales are not tied together with any continuity. The miraculous appearance of secret tunnels and submarines and the like, just when they are needed, stretches credibility to the limit. The characters are flat, in my mind. I never really got to know them. The cover art would be enough to put me off the book.

I must say in defense of the author that he fills the story with action and tension. But most of it is beyond the realm of possibility.

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