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The Year Ahead 2005: Your Ultimate Astrology Planner    by Susan Miller order for
Year Ahead 2005
by Susan Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Barnes & Noble, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Susan Miller's comprehensive astrology guide is written for those who want to know what their horoscope has in store for them in 2005. Miller is an internationally known astrologer and columnist with her own astrology website ( The Year Ahead 2005 is similar in format to Miller's 2004 and 2003 editions, with plenty of astrological information to sink your teeth into.

The introduction begins with a warm greeting and an explanation of what astrology can and cannot do, along with suggestions, such as keeping a calendar handy while reading the book to mark down important dates in 2005 for one's astrological sign (e.g. my sign is Aquarius and the book advises that the best date for me to ask for a raise at work is Thursday, March 10th). Miller provides detailed, understandable explanations of the planetary cycles for each astrological sign. The bulk of the book is split into sections by sign. Readers can easily flip to the one relevant to them and read about what's ahead.

For each sign, the author gives the 'big picture' for 2005 as well as a separate, in-depth explanation of what she predicts for different aspects of life: family, love, relationships, career, health, money, and so on. Miller pinpoints dates for each sign that are important or 'key' times to take on a particular challenge, make a request, or perhaps take on a contemplated risk. Another section of the book explains how to handle eclipses and Mercury retrograde, and what to expect during that time, as these events have an impact on astrological signs.

I highly recommend The Year Ahead 2005 to fans of astrology and anyone who is open-minded and curious about the year ahead. One of the best aspects of this book is that it is well organized, well written, and can be enjoyed by both knowledgeable astrology fans and newcomers to the subject.

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