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Be Your Own Psychic: Tapping the Innate Power Within    by Sherron Mayes order for
Be Your Own Psychic
by Sherron Mayes
Order:  USA  Can
McArthur, 2004 (2004)

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* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Have you ever had a hunch about doing something, or did you ever know who was calling as you picked up the phone? Believe it or not, we all have psychic ability, though in some it's more developed than in others.

In Be Your Own Psychic, Sherron Mayes guides us through real life stories, and offers exercises that we can do right away to tap into and awaken inherent psychic talents. Just as we need to exercise to improve muscle tone, the author suggests we practice our psychic abilities. This book provides specific techniques and visualizations with the aim of sharpening all the senses including the sixth sense. End-of-chapter lessons tell us how to exercise the psychic muscle and unlock our own powerful potential. The author gives us practical tips on interpreting dreams and changing them mid-stream, acting on hunches, listening to our intuition, and using telepathy and precognition to connect more fully with our surroundings and improve our relationships.

Through discovering her own psychic self, Sherron Mayes has helped people from all walks of life decide through their 'own inner radar which direction to take in work, love and friendships for the best possible outcome.' Read the book and apply the easy to use exercises, in order to live the successful life you envision for yourself. It's a journey that could transform your life for the better. Try it for yourself, it works! Be Your Own Psychic is a valuable book for all ages. And I encourage you to share your intuitive knowledge with your kids so that they can learn early that one of their greatest gifts is a developed sixth sense.

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