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Haunted Battlefields    by Dan Asfar order for
Haunted Battlefields
by Dan Asfar
Order:  USA  Can
Ghost House, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Haunted Battlefields follows a bloody tapestry of military engagements that left in their wake many 'heroes, cowards and civilians as well as the ghosts that act as lasting reminders of battlefield casualties'.

Some of these unfortunates still haunt the battlefields where they died so long ago. Many stories in this volume arise from engagements fought during the Civil War, most notably, 'The Ghosts of Antietam', a battlefield said to be one of the most haunted in all of North America. So are many of the landmarks surrounding it, where even today countless 'haunts' and odd sightings have come to be the norm.

There's the 'Legend of the Headless Frenchman', a companion of early 17th century explorer Etienne Brule, who, during an Indian attack, lost his head. It's said he continues taking his yearly walk through the woods of Potter County, Pennsylvania, cradling his severed head tightly against his waist. Travel to the rolling hills of Montana and to the site of General George Armstrong Custer's last stand and learn about 'The Ghosts of the Little Big Horn' and of the many dead cavalrymen who still fight and die on this bloody battlefield.

Dan Asfar explains that the 19 stories he presents in Haunted Battlefields 'are all based on well-established folktales or written around eye-witness accounts - all purportedly true' and that all are 'ghosts that are born from humanity's most brutal behavior, who continue to haunt the ground they fought on ... the world the fought for'.

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