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One Planet
by Lonely Planet
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Lonely Planet, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In his Foreword, Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler reminds us that 'Life on our planet today seems to involve a constant cycle of conflicts, misunderstandings and heartbreaks but travel is an equally constant reminder that we live in a wonderful world and it's a world we all share.'

We are told that the collection of images in One Planet is 'a celebration of life, of curiosity and the experience of travel.' These are indeed photos that show us how 'the similarities between us overwhelm our differences'. They all made my feet itch, from the lovely old Sani lady (from Kunming, China) on the front cover, to a Moken child on a Thai beach towards the back. Along the way, many other scenes caught my eye, so that I lingered over them. There's a glorious, festive blur of color in Rajasthan, an old Afghan gentleman huddling against the cold in Shiraz, a misty skyline of Nepalese hills, and a boy riding a buffalo in Burma. Intriguing juxtapositions include Ethiopian warriors applying body paint next to an ear cleaner working on a client in India; tattoos on a New Zealand Maori next to a tattooed Samoan; chess in Budapest and checkers in Beijing; and children all over the world playing, working, and watching.

Interspersed amongst the pictures are apt quotes on travel and life from such notables as Maya Angelou, Albert Einstein, Kenneth Grahame, Mark Twain, Lao-tzu and St. Augustine. One Planet is a beautiful book to enjoy for yourself, and it would also make a gorgeous gift.

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