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The Warmasters    by David Weber, Eric Flint & David Drake order for
by David Weber
Order:  USA  Can
Baen, 2004 (2002)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* * *   Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

Much to my own surprise (I disapprove of violence), I am an aficionado of that sub-genre known as military SF. However, the writers I enjoy avoid gratuitous violence and focus instead on thought-provoking plots and ideas. They also have a good grasp of history, as the adventures they pen often parallel historical reality. Their protagonists exemplify the finest traits of humanity even as they are brutally tested in the ugliest of situations.

The Warmasters' title is well chosen, as three eminent exponents of the genre strut their stuff inside its covers. David Drake shows duty, loyalty, and courage in the person of Lieutenant Huber of 'Hammer's Slammers'. He also shows the searing dichotomy between a worthy goal and the price that may be demanded to achieve it. Eric Flint's delightful heroine challenges an entire world arena of war in order to reach the husband she hates and despises. During her travels she provides an inspiring example to Belisarius's army. (This is a series I have not yet read. If Islands is a fair example, I intend to rectify that omission.) From what I gathered from this story, Belisarius's world is Ancient Rome, with anachronisms caused by meddling agents from the future. Fascinating!

And finally, we have David Weber's gripping tale of Honor Harrington's first cruise. 'Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington', newbie or not, amply demonstrates the potential to be the indomitable, unstoppable captain who will become an icon of the Royal Manticoran Navy in a whole series of heart-pounding novels. Intrigued? If so, pick up a copy of The Warmasters. If your taste runs to valiant protagonists triumphing against massive odds, you should enjoy these tales.

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