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The Service of the Sword: Worlds of Honor #4    edited by David Weber order for
Service of the Sword
by David Weber
Order:  USA  Can
Baen, 2004 (2003)
Hardcover, Paperback
* *   Reviewed by Theresa Ichino

Anyone who has made the acquaintance of Honor Harrington (David Weber's remarkable female protagonist who is arguably 'the finest captain or her generation') will be delighted with this anthology set in Honor's universe.

Weber has conscripted a team of fine writers who know his universe well, and their varying responses provide provocative reading. Any anthology offers variety, as well as the advantage of stories short enough to digest in a limited amount of time; and The Service of the Sword carries through on that promise. Not all of the tales may be equally to your taste (I find this so in every anthology I open), but that is part of the appeal - to be exposed to variety.

Jane Lindskold offers the desperate struggle of the disenfranchised women of the planet Masada, oppressed victims of a repressive male-dominated society. Timothy Zahn tells of the 'Fearless', Honor Harrington's third light-capable command, and an adventure in the pirate-riddled Silesian Confederacy. David Weber himself describes the valiant young officer who is the very first woman from the planet Grayson to serve in the military. The remaining tales detail adventures set in other parts of Honor's universe and demonstrate how very well these guest writers understand it.

In short, The Service of the Sword not only provides hair-raising entertainment, it fills in areas that not even the most prolific writer can hope to cover. Although it is not essential to read the novels that present Honor Harrington's history and career first, it would certainly help in terms of appreciating the richness added by these guest writers to the overall saga.

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