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Keep the Candle Burning: Reflections From Our Favorite Songs    by Point of Grace order for
Keep the Candle Burning
by Point of Grace
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2003 (2003)

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* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Point of Grace is an award-winning contemporary Christian music group comprised of four women - Denise, Shelley, Terry, and Heather. Their latest book, Keep the Candle Burning, is small in size but powerful in wisdom. Together since their college years, the foursome have sung 'with a love for the Lord and a song in their hearts'. Point of Grace have garnered 24 number one hits in a row. The book is written as a journal of those winning song titles. Written alternately by the four melodious voices, chapters express the motivational story behind each song, followed by a reflection page for the reader's use in journaling. Each story is written with love, humor, and revelation.

Denise (Jones), in 'I'll Be Believing', tells the story of a minister's attempt to rescue a kitten from a tree. Later that day, he met a neighbor who related a story of her child's desire for a cat. As the youngster knelt in the yard in prayer, a cat came from the sky and landed at her daughter's side! In 'Dying to Reach You', Shelley (Breen) relates her experiences of living in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee. Life in the Brentwood community 'is like floating on a soft cloud in an endless blue sky.' But too orderly a life creates an obsession to continually 'play the part', concealing what is happening inside. She recommends allowing yourself to speak to the Lord about 'innermost struggles', whether wrestling with depression, bitterness, or doubts.

In 'You Are the Answer', Terry (Jones) defines balance with time for children, husband, church, and friends. For Terry, there is the additional pace of a music career. In a whispered message, 'Get alone with your helpmate', Terry found the answer to bonding marriage and balancing life. She and husband Chris retreat to 'treasured, lifesaving getaways'. Heather (Payne) describes the duties of the four when on stage with microphones in hand in 'Praise Forevermore'. Shelley is the emcee and the funniest member of the group. Denise and Terry introduce the songs. As for Heather, she has become the 'Scripture Lady'. As Heather says, 'That's what we're about. It's the core of what we do. It's why we sing.'

Denise, Shelley, Terry, and Heather have put as much love into each of the chapters as they do in their music. Keep the Candle Burning captures their faith and voices on paper. This little tome is a keeper, deserving of a place on your nightstand. I also recommend another book by Point of Grace and Davin Seay, Life, Love and Other Mysteries - as well as their music, which will lift your spirits.

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