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Weight-bearing Workouts for Women: Exercises for Sculpting, Strengthening, and Toning    by Yolande Green order for
Weight-bearing Workouts for Women
by Yolande Green
Order:  USA  Can
Ulysses Press, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This book is aimed at both beginners to weight training, and at anyone looking for 'exercise to add variety, increase intensity or overcome a frustrating plateau'. It opens with a short 'physical activity readiness questionnaire' to determine whether a doctor should be consulted before beginning (this is elaborated on later in a section on 'Injuries'), and recommends the incorporation of regular aerobic exercise, in addition to the strength and flexibility training covered here.

A discussion of 'Why weights?' is followed by 'Know your muscles' (and why it's good to push a muscle just beyond its limits). There's a discussion on how to maintain good 'Posture and alignment' during exercise. Equipment is introduced - free weights (body bar and dumbbells), dynabands, fitness steps etc. - though a minimum of equipment is required and alternatives are suggested. Three training days a week are recommended, preceded by general and flexibility warm-up. Exercises are presented with clear instructions, 'Key Points' on which to focus, different levels of difficulty, and black and white photos that show step-by-step movements. Each set is preceded by a picture and explanation of the muscle group affected.

The book closes on discussions of women's health issues, exercise during pregnancy and in later life, and nutrition. Weight-bearing Workouts for Women is a straightforward, informative introduction to strength training, ideal for anyone who wants to work out on their own or with friends.

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