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Boy Meets Girl    by Meg Cabot order for
Boy Meets Girl
by Meg Cabot
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2004 (2004)
* * *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Kate Mackenzie, the somewhat na´ve heroine of this contemporary tale, introduces readers to office politics and personal intrigues in the workplace of The New York Journal, where Kate is the new and lowly Human resources representative. It falls on poor Kate to terminate the very popular Ida Lopez's employment on the express orders of her boss. Amy Jenkins, a.k.a the T.O.D., 'Tyrannical Office Despot', loves to make life hell for her underlings, especially for Kate.

When Ida sues the company, specifically Kate and Amy, things look bleak for our heroine. Having just broken up with her boyfriend of nine years, and feeling like a total intruder for crashing on the couch of her friend and colleague Jen, Kate is further disillusioned by this lawsuit. But things take an upward turn when Kate meets lawyer Mitchell Hertzog. As the story progresses, misunderstandings develop, situations go from bad to worse and romance develops slowly but surely.

Meg Cabot's skillful, tongue-in-cheek writing is a joy to read. Boy Meets Girl is made up of emails, instant messages, memos, journal entries, voice mails, to do lists, notes and so on. While this takes a bit of getting used to initially, it quickly becomes hilarious. This is not just a romantic comedy but also a satirical look at the machinations in a typical office environment. There isn't much gossiping on the phone. Instead thoughts, arguments, romancing, bickering, stalking, complaining, cajoling, dating, flirting are all done via bits and bytes, through a computer.

Life in a big city like New York is authentically captured - a glittery fairy-tale one second and depressively bleak the next. Readers are also entertained by the dysfunctional, rich Hertzog family dealings. Irrepressibly irreverent, sparkling, and full of fun, Boy Meets Girl is a wonderfully engrossing read!

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