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Be Your Own Medical Intuitive: Healing Your Body and Soul    by Tina M. Zion order for
Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
by Tina M. Zion
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Boutique of Quality Books, 2021 (2021)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton

The subtitle of this book is Healing Your Body and Soul. Put another way, listen to your body and soul. Use your gut intuition to sense from within what needs help and changing, what might need fixing or healing. Your body will tell you. We sadly don't always listen.

The author believes in the power of intuition and describes it as the ability to notice information from both physical and non-physical worlds. People tend to undermine themselves by ignoring body sensations, external information from others, our own tastes, smell, thoughts, and knowing.

Spirits are all around us and with us at all times. Signs are all around us. There is meaning in everything. We ignore synchronicity, which is the universe speaking to us. What we think, we manifest. There is an energy field flowing like a fountain through us, our toroidal field. There is both good and bad energy. We need to repel negativity which is done with intuitive awareness. Through this awareness we can heal the body. We must call to the universe for help to release emotions. This is not forgiveness. Our energy field pops, which is described as scaler waves.

Before we can help others, we must first heal ourselves. The author feels even allergies have an emotional cause. Past lives are involved and past lives surround us and influence us. We are not alone in the universe. There exists a grand universal source that provides spirit people all around us. Our attitude is the key to what we perceive. Her advice is to meditate and listen to our thoughts and feelings. Meditate and listen, and needed answers will be there.

When I was a child of seven or eight I thought I could tell what people were going to say and to guess correctly the answers to most questions. I was most definitely wrong. Correct answers to questions come from research and informed sources. The old cliché knowledge is power is quite correct- make that correct knowledge. Check, verify, and research some more.

Always seek knowledge and information, discuss, and hear out others with an open mind. Seek empirical data. This is very hard to do, particularly in religious and metaphysical areas. Fortunately, we have great doctors and hospitals to help us in medical areas and prayer for the rest.

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