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Whose Woods These Are    by John Lane order for
Whose Woods These Are
by John Lane
Order:  USA  Can
Mercer University Press, 2020 (2020)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Barbara Lingens

John Lane is a poet as well as a prose writer, and this book beautifully showcases his special way of looking at a pretty isolated place in South Carolina.

Old Doc is missing, and the story is about the people looking for him. His son and two grandchildren are sure something criminal has happened. The sheriff and others are not. As the story unfolds we learn how entangled their lives are, even though many would never admit to being close.

The woods where Doc disappeared are special to everyone. There are those who love the land for what it is and has been for hundreds or thousands of years, especially if there are old family ties to it. There are also those who love the land for what it can become for them. We meet both sorts, and it is perhaps too easy to choose sides.

As the hunt for Doc and for his suspected assailant continues, the atmosphere becomes more and more tense until, finally, there is a very satisfactory resolution. As we become more aware of how important our environment is and how our actions affect it, it is wonderful to read an author for whom 'the woods are more than a backdrop for our stories.'

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