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Final Gift of the Beloved    by Barron Steffen order for
Final Gift of the Beloved
by Barron Steffen
Order:  USA  Can
Yoga of Mindset Press, 2020 (2020)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Carrol Wolverton

The Light Heals ...

In September of 2017 Barron Steffen lost his beloved wife, Seana, to an auto accident. She was founder of The Restorative Leadership Institute which preached a philosophy of openness, selflessness, and love based on Sidda Yoga. This Indian-based religion seeks oneness with the universe the light of acceptance, openness, and inclusion. What follows is the author's story of thirteen days during which he completes the rites, mantras, and prayers of Sidda Yoga. It left him a very different person.

To achieve this oneness with the universe, a practitioner must personally evolve into becoming totally selfless and give up all selfishness and self-centered ways. This proved most difficult for this author. He came to realize 'that Seana and her divine qualities had completely infiltrated me, soaking through countless layers of selfishness and ego.' 'Nothing is as it appears,' he was told. All had to change. He didn't have a a clue going into this the transformation to the light that had to happen.

The author spent part of his professional working life as an elementary school teacher and speaks with a wonderful vocabulary to be point of being loquacious about his faith. I commend the depth of his journey. I also feel this book is most beneficial for the author. It's journal therapy for thirteen days covering the stages of grief.

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