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The Carrier    by Mattias Berg order for
by Mattias Berg
Order:  USA  Can
MacLehose Press, 2020 (2020)
*   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Mattias Berg's The Carrier is a most unusual sort of spy thriller. Its lead is Erasmus Levine, carrier of the US nuclear briefcase. He travels with the US President, accompanied by a team of operatives, whose very existence is a secret.

The story moves (confusingly) back and forth in time, to reveal Levine's recruitment, training and ongoing involvement with a cabal (led by Alpha) planning to steal the briefcase. We watch Levine succeed in escaping the team surrounding the president and joining up with Alpha in a network of tunnels and bunkers beneath Stockholm, Sweden.

The question - for both the idealistic Erasmus and the reader - becomes whether or not he has been manipulated and brainwashed. Is the end game really to eliminate the world's nuclear arsenals or to bring on apocalypse? Unfortunately, though the concept behind this story intrigued me, I found it very hard to follow, with characters who failed to hold my interest.

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