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Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson    by Matt Groening order for
Big Bad Book of Bart Simpson
by Matt Groening
Order:  USA  Can
Perennial, 2003
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

It's big and bad all right, beginning with a spoof on Wild, Wild West ... Wild, Wild Bart of course. Bart and Sidekick Martimus must foil the evil plans of Braneless and his not-girlfriend to release an 'electricity-producing machine' on an unsuspecting world, thus leading to the development of everything from hair-dryers to ... oh no, animated cartoons! Can you tell I liked this one?

Lisa Simpson's investigative talents unknot a puzzle in The Case of the Hanging Shoes, and she finds the forgetful culprit in The Case of the Missing Moon Waffles. The 'Supercat of Springfield' is cool as Bart's cat Snowball gains super powers and foils a 'criminal creep' with a super hairball. The quest for the winning science fair experiment is hilarious - Bart competes by flushing alligators down the toilet and Lisa applies rotten eggs to cure the common cold.

Chuckle through many more cartoon episodes that satirize school, comicbook heroes and modern life in this Big Bad, slapstick and occasionally subtle, collection of El Barto adventures.

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