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Broken Ground: A Jay Porter Novel    by Joe Clifford order for
Broken Ground
by Joe Clifford
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2018 (2018)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Jay Porter has been able to give up alcohol but finds it hard to give up helping someone in need. At an AA meeting, he runs into Amy Lupus who knows her sister Emily checked into a facility for rehab. That facility now claims that Emily was never there! The clincher to this is that Emily never used drugs so why would she need rehab for that addiction?

So we turn to the rehab facility. Many of the builders who constructed the institution have died of cancer and other devastating diseases. Jay learns that a hard drive exists that belongs to Lombardi Construction Co., with proof that the head of the company was a child molester! Jay claims that the possession of that hard drive caused the death of his junkie brother, Chris. There's nothing he would like more than to tie the Lombardis to serious wrongdoing.

Broken Ground by Joe Clifford is the fourth in the Jay Porter series. If you haven't read the earlier episodes why not? The writing of the author is top drawer. Characters seem like you and your neighbors real with all the foibles we all have to contend with. And Jay always manages to right a wrong, even when he physically pays for his interference.

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