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The I of God: From Chaos to Creation    by Judith Attfield order for
The I of God
by Judith Attfield
Order:  USA  Can
Balboa Press, 2017 (2017)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Barb McMillan

Judith Attfield's The I of God addresses why we can achieve our dreams. It takes the reader into the history of our relationship with a higher power, and on to understanding that we are part of all that is, and therefore have the power to be whatever we choose to be.

In our lives, we have been taught to think small, to stay safe and not risk pursuing our greatest passions or pursuits. We have been taught to fit in, to follow the rules and be socially acceptable. Yet all the people whom we revere did the opposite. With Gandhi, Sister Teresa, Carl Jung and our greatest religious teachers as examples, Judith Attfield explains how they followed their passions and their dreams to change our world.

We also can change our lives by understanding and believing in our power of creativity. That does not mean that by following our dreams, we will find it easy to be successful, but by having faith in ourselves, the desire to succeed and the persistence to see our way past our failures, we can change our lives via the dreams that are driving us to be more than we believed possible.

The I of God is not a book about religion, but one about the creativity that we are part of, and can use. This is not a self-help book to fix our problems but a book to encourage us to be all that we can be. I highly recommend that you read The I of God. It may change your mind about life and our role in it.

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