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Desert Kill Switch: A Nostalgia City Mystery Book    by Mark S. Bacon order for
Desert Kill Switch
by Mark S. Bacon
Order:  USA  Can
Black Opal, 2017 (2017)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Mark S. Bacon's Desert Kill Switch is a mystery novel taking place in Las Vegas and Arizona. The author wrote it with his sense of humor switched on.

Ex-cop Lyle Deming drives a cab in Nostalgia City, Arizona. Nostalgia City VP Kate Sorenson travels to Las Vegas on City business and runs into Al Busick, a well-known but not much loved car dealer.

First, Deming spots a vintage car in the desert with a dead body lying beside it. Car and dead body disappear by the time Lyle can get the police to the kill scene! Kate has a brief altercation with Busick. She inadvertently pushes him to the ground, captured on camera. When Busick is found stabbed to death with a cake knife, Kate is the prime suspect, though a number of people do not mourn Busick's death.

Vintage cars figure in the story which will entrance the car buffs. A $2,000,000 Italian sports car, an Alfa Romao, plays a role. Just reading about it will get your blood flowing. As will the Mustang Lyle drives. May as well throw in the mint condition '70' vintage Pontiac Firebird while I'm at it.

Nostalgia City is a great idea that I wish really existed. A whole city dedicated to days gone by clothes, music, architecture, food, even the slang of the day. What fun!

Kate and Lyle decide that the best way to clear Kate's name is to find the real killer. Their quest to do this encompasses blackmail, murder, suspense and enough thrills to tickle your fancy. Throw in the 100 degree heat of the desert and the reader can feel perspiration start rolling off his/her forehead.

So, what the heck is a kill switch? Obtain a copy of Desert Kill Switch and find out.

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