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Second Sight    by Elizabeth McGregor order for
Second Sight
by Elizabeth McGregor
Order:  USA  Can
Endeavour Press, 2017 (1999)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Lin Gallagher loves her husband, Kieran, but she's not sure he loves her. Lin and Kieran had an affair while Kieran was married to Ruth, and they now have a son together, but Ruth is still very much a part of Kieran's life. Lin is living in the house they chose together and Ruth still has a key. When Kieran is out of town, Lin is sure Ruth sometimes uses the key to come in while Lin is sleeping. She rearranges small things. Only Lin would notice that things such as a book she's reading or papers she's working on, have been straightened or moved. Kieran things it's Lin's imagination.

Kieran is a successful historian, a professor, and a writer who stars in his own television series about historical sites. He is often away while filming on location. The book opens on a morning when Ruth has been in the house the night before. Frightened and exasperated, Lin packs up their son, Theo, and leaves, going back to an apartment she rented while going to the university. Somehow Ruth finds out where they are, sending Lin into a panic that leaves her hospitalized with only Ruth, a respected GP, to explain what happened. Ruth takes charge of Theo.

Although, a younger woman having an affair with a married man and getting pregnant, shouldn't make Lin a likable character, somehow she is. It's soon clear that Lin's editing is what makes Kieran's books so popular and she is also behind much of his research and the TV series. Her past is woven into the story leaving questions about her sanity. Should the reader believe Ruth is stalking her, or just looking out for her ex-husband's younger wife and his child?

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