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Waybound: The Second Book of Ore    by Cam Baity & Benny Zelkowicz order for
by Cam Baity
Order:  USA  Can
Hyperion, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Waybound, the second Book of Ore, by Cameron Baity and Benny Zelkowicz has some elements that are better than The Foundry's Edge, the first in the series, but still has its own shortfalls.

Phoebe Plumm may no longer be alone now that she and Micah Tanner (along with Dollop, the mehkan misfit) are friends, but she needs more than friends to get over the devastating loss of her father. She finds purpose in being the Loaii, whom the Covenant believe is able to find the Occulyth, a sacred relic that will help them fight the Foundry. Their journey might be more perilous than their initial foray into Mehk, but the trio will learn much about belonging and themselves before they are finished.

Waybound starts right in where The Foundry's Edge leaves off, with absolutely no exposition, making it a difficult read if it had been a while since the reader read the first book. Also, there are more distinct story lines this time, and that can also make it confusing as the chapters jump around between characters. However, the world-building is integrated more seamlessly this time around, and that does make for smoother reading, as does a more defined quest.

If you enjoyed The Foundry's Edge, you might find Waybound an even better read. Cameron Baity and Benny Zelkowicz do leave the reader with quite a cliffhanger, so the Third Book of Ore will definitely be a must-read for fans of the series.

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