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Bedlam's Door: True Tales Of Madness And Hope    by Mark Rubinstein order for
Bedlam's Door
by Mark Rubinstein
Order:  USA  Can
Thunder Lake Press, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

In this progressive age it seems as though there are few aspects of life that are taboo. Tattoos and piercings are flaunted about so much that it's almost unusual to find someone without them. Sexuality is a topic openly discussed and everyone seems to share everything on social media. However, mental illness is still a rather tight-lipped subject.

What do we really know about the truths of mental illness? Are those who suffer from these illness really misfits, unfit to be part of mainstream society? In an informative and respectful manner author and psychiatrist Dr. Mark Rubinstein shares his experiences from his time working in a psychiatric emergency room dubbed Bedlam's Door.

Fifteen thought and compassion provoking tales are presented. Not only do they tell what the individual suffered from, but they address the oft overlooked why they suffered as well. For example, what triggered an older gent to believe he is the King of Puerto Rico? Why would a woman insist on surgeries and medical procedures when she is perfectly healthy?

I found this to be a fascinating, albeit difficult read. I couldn't help but feel so many emotions knowing that these are true stories, and the people involved really do exist, their suffering real.

Dr. Rubinstein helps shed some light on a difficult subject. It is important to remember that those suffering mental illnesses are not truly crazy; just like any illness, something happened that triggered it. The King of Puerto Rico has perhaps the wisest insight that applies to everyone, 'We take what this life gives us. You just live the best way you can.'

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