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Eternity Row: A Stardoc Novel    by S. L. Viehl order for
Eternity Row
by S. L. Viehl
Order:  USA  Can
Roc, 2002 (2002)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Dr. Cherijo Torin is 'a fugitive genetic construct on the run from basically everyone in the galaxy'. She has remarkable healing powers, and is now married to Duncan Reever, raised by alien Hsktskt to have no human emotions. They have a small daughter Marel, who has a surprising ability to pop up in the most unexpected places. Cherijo and Reever were recently rescued from Terra and are back on the ship Sunlace with Cherijo's over-protective Jorenian adopted family. They have debts to pay for that rescue, which require visits to several planets.

As usual, the author keeps the action and surprises in high gear. First Cherijo comes under suspicion after Dhreen is injured; then there is a hostage situation involving rescued Hsktskt and League members. A Jorenian, Qonja, seems to be spying on Dr. Torin. There is the fundamentalist religion of the scourge of Sadda on worm-riddled Taerca, and the undying horror of Eternity Row on Oenrall. Along the way, a very dim glow is shed on Cherijo's relationship with Jxin Maggie, who raised her. And her good friend and fellow physician Squilyp has the urge to mate, bringing in another strong-willed character, Garphawayn (a 'Harpy from Hades'), to the series.

In Eternity Row, S. L. Viehl serves readers her usual highly entertaining mix of humor and space opera. This episode is enlivened by the antics of her daughter Marel and by an exploration of ageing and immortality. As usual I look forward to the next in an exciting series.

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