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Matrimony in Miniature    by Margaret Grace order for
Matrimony in Miniature
by Margaret Grace
Order:  USA  Can
Perseverance Press, 2016 (2016)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Matrimony in Miniature by Margaret Grace is the ninth in her Miniature series. After a murder in Lincoln Court, California, retired teacher Gerry Porter feels she must be of assistance to the local police.

This feeling is her very own. The gendarmes keeping the peace in Lincoln Court feel they can manage without her snooping around crime scenes.

Her interest does not come about because she is retired and has time on her hands. Gerry is planning a wedding her own. She is a miniaturist and always has a project in the works. She also has her granddaughter Maddie stay with her often. This requires getting Maddie out of bed in the morning for school, transporting her there, and picking her up when the school day is over.

Gerry is well-known in Lincoln Court. She is caring, considerate, and generous, as well as artistic and deeply in love with her future husband. She juggles all sorts of balls as she races through her days. Maddie has been working on a science project that is trashed one night when someone breaks into Gerry's home. Is Gerry getting too close to discovering the murderer? (I especially like the relationship between Gerry and Maddie.)

Matrimony in Miniature is the ninth in an engaging series, which offers tips on making some miniatures of your own. Author Margaret Grace has four other series to her credit.

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