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LuLu's Kitchen: A Taste of the Gulf Coast Good Life    by Lucy Buffett order for
LuLu's Kitchen
by Lucy Buffett
Order:  USA  Can
Grand Central, 2016 (2016)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

The cover of LuLu's Kitchen (previously published as Crazy Sista Cooking) is enough to entice you into Lucy Buffett's kitchen. The two photos of yummy-looking pizza and a shrimp dish book-ending LuLu's photo will surely prompt you to open a book full of luscious-looking dishes. You'll probably do as I did trying to decide which of the gloriously photographed plates of edibles I wanted to cook first.

LuLu's cookbook is special in that she shares memories of her family with her readers as well as giving tips she has discovered on how to make many of the recipes even better.

This refreshing tome starts with a Foreword written by LuLu's brother, Jimmy Buffett! Wow! What a family. LuLu has taken to heart a quote by Julia Child 'Above all, have a good time!' I'm sure a good time was paramount in LuLu's rise from a small dockside dive to a high class one. She exudes energy and optimism by the carload, and seems open to suggestions about her cuisine.

She has her own selection of herbs and spices that she shares with her readers. Such as One Heart Marinade, Salty Peppa for Everything, LuLu's Chipotle Taco Seasoning, Lulu's Jerk Seasoning, as well as LuLu's Crazy Frying Flour. All of which she uses with great abandon in her cooking. Which is what I am so sure makes her food so popular.

A section of her cookbook is given to alcoholic drinks. If I should ever get to her restaurant, I shall try one after the other 'til I have sampled each and every one! I would hate myself in the morning, but it would be worth it. Her recipes are too numerous to mention. Be assured that all are authentic LuLu. And will be delicious and make all your friends vie for a place at your table.

By the time you have browsed through this wonderful cookbook, you will not only be able to cook like LuLu, but will feel like a member of her family. LuLu has an array of family members including those who aren't quite blood relatives but are such close friends they qualify as family.

Treat yourself and your family and friends to some new, adventuresome cooking. Obtain a copy of LuLu's Kitchen and embark on a new phase of your life. Start cooking. And enjoy it while you do.

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