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Assassins: A Ravinder Gill Novel    by Mukul Deva order for
by Mukul Deva
Order:  USA  Can
Forge, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Assassins is the sequel to Mukul Deva's Weapon of Vengeance, continuing his trilogy of international terrorism, starring India's former inspector general of police Ravinder Singh Gill, whose daughter Ruby (daughter of a Palestinian mother and a rogue MI6 agent) proved to be a terrorist in the first book. He was forced to shoot her, and has suffered terrible nightmares ever since.

Now, an old friend, MI6 Director Sir Edward Kingsley, and a current political enemy, Suresh Kurup (director of India's National Intelligence Agency) gang up to convince Ravinder to lead a Special Task Force to foil another attack. Leon Binder (who was a close friend and roommate of both Ravinder and Edward at university) has agreed 'to eliminate Pakistani Prime Minister Abid Zardosi and the ex-dictator General Pervaiz Masharrat' in five weeks. Both of these heavily protected targets are to be in Delhi, India on the same day. Binder is making contacts, setting up safe houses and surveying potential hit zones.

Though very reluctant to take on another such task - and very much against the wishes of his wife Simran - Ravinder feels compelled to do so, since he knows Binder so well. And Binder, whose life went quickly downhill after he was convicted of the murder of Edward's fiancée in their college days, blames Ravinder for not standing by him then, and is thirsty for revenge. And he's not working alone - he has help from a key agent within India's NIA, Vishal Bhardwaj, who as ruthless as he is himself. They target those close to Ravinder to distract him from his new responsibilities.

Pressure - and violence - mounts as the deadline nears. The bad guys work to direct suspicion of the NIA mole elsewhere, while the good guys work to identify said mole and to find Leon Binder. Don't miss this exciting and engrossing spy thriller.

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