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Ithanalin's Restoration    by Lawrence Watt-Evans order for
Ithanalin's Restoration
by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Order:  USA  Can
Wildside, 2014 (2014)
Hardcover, Softcover
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I've enjoyed Lawrence Watt-Evans' adult fantasy, such as his Fall of the Sorcerors and Annals of the Chosen series. Now here's an exhilerating and amusing YA fantasy, Ithanalin's Restoration by Watt-Evans, set in the same world. In it, young nondescript apprentice wizard Kilisha must save the day after various household items of her master scamper off - and yes, this includes the dish running away with the spoon.

How does it happen? Mix together a delicate spell, a rambunctious spriggan and an interruption by a tax collector. That's all it takes to cause disaster. Kilisha returns home from an errand to find her master's body frozen in the parlor and his animated possessions (sprinkled with parts of his soul) scattered across the city. Kilisha doesn't know very many spells yet, so it will take all her wits and ingenuity to save the day.

She does seek help from the Wizards' Guild, but they are in crisis, coping with a mad magician who has 'declared herself Empress of Ethshar.' Fortunately her master's spell book lies open because of his spell's interruption, so Kilisha has access to it. But what is the bubbling potion all about? She doesn't recognize the spell and is afraid to interfere with it. But its presence makes it even more urgent to reanimate Ithanalin so that he can sort it out.

Kilisha does have some help - from her master's wife Yara (who is not very happy about Kilisha's use of a Love Spell to get the furniture back home); his exuberant children; the tax collector, a guardsman named Kelder; and the spriggan who caused her problems in the first place. And she ends up endangering (but then saving) the overlord himself before it's all over.

Don't miss Ithanalin's Restoration. Kilisha is rather ordinary but very resourceful and her adventures are simply tons of fun!

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