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This Side of Jealousy: Innocents #2    by Lili Peloquin order for
This Side of Jealousy
by Lili Peloquin
Order:  USA  Can
Razorbill, 2013 (2013)
Hardcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

This latest installment of the Innocents series finds sisters Alice and Charlie in the wealthy East Coast hamlet of Serenity Point. However, Serenity Point proves to be anything but serene for the girls.

Before they lived in Serenity Point, Alice and Charlie could not have been closer. But after a couple of weeks in their new home they can barely be civil to one another and are going their separate ways.

Charlie has new friends, complete with a new bad-boy boyfriend. Alice's ex-boyfriend, Patrick, wants her back, but she is smitten with Tommy. And, oh yeah, Tommy just happens to be Camilla's ex-boyfriend. And Camilla? Well, she is Alice and Charlie's other sister!

Further complicating the story and adding to the mystery and drama is the death of Camilla the previous year. The accepted story is that Camilla took her own life. But then the mysterious Nick arrives in Serenity Point. Nick seems to know secrets about Camilla and the questions surrounding her death, secrets that Tommy (now Alice's boyfriend) and Jude (Charlie's boyfriend) do not wish to reveal, secrets that seem to suggest Camilla's death is not really a suicide.

But how are the sisters supposed to find the truth when they cannot stand to be around each other? And what was it that came between them in the first place?

I found this book an entertaining read, but with all its drama I had a little trouble keeping relationships straight and who is related to whom and in what way. Perhaps younger readers, ages twelve and up, with their fresh minds, will have an easier time keeping up with the complexities and drama of the story!

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